Relax - anytime, anywhere

Breo creates massage products that are crafted to be high quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our goal is to help people globally to relax and better enjoy their day to day life.


Relaxing, Modern & Premium

We design every product to be easy to use, effective, and pleasing to the eye. Breo products are incorporated into everyday life, whether in travel, at home, or at work, and we want both the experience of use and the look of the product to bring joy.


Relax with no boundary

Since our foundation in 2000, Breo manufactures nothing but the best massagers for personal health & relaxation needs. Breo operates about 140 stores and retails in, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR, Korea, Japan, Mainland China, New Zealand and Australia.


Ancient principles with modern methods

Breo focuses on facilitation of balance (Ying & Yang), energy (Qi) and Wind (the bodies response to external stressors).With the integration of modern technology and materials, Breo can help balance the challenges of modern life with the ease and effectiveness of our modern relaxation and massage technology.

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