breo iNeck air 2

Neck Massager for Travel

At the touch of a button, the iNeck Air 2 can inflate and deflate, keeping your packing footprint to the minimum size and is built with travelers in mind. Sophisticated heat technology allows you to soothe even the sorest of muscles with its self-heating capabilities. Two rotating multi-node massage heads, designed to give you a professional-therapist-grade kneading massage, focus on the nape and sides of your neck.

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iNeck air 2 



  • Product Name

    breo iNeck air 2 

  • Weight

    700 g

  • Model

    Neck 2b1

  • Charging Port

    Micro USB

  • Battery Duration

    model 1&2:150min(No load)

    model 2:540min

  • Dimension  

    310×300×100 (mm)

  • Material  

    Fabric / ABS 

  • Massager Mode


  • Feature 

    Retractable Massage Node

  • Working Session

    model 1:10min

    model 2:10min

    model 3:30min

  • Color


  • Battery Capacity 

     2300 mAh

  • Charging Time

    4 hrs

  • Accessory

     USB Cable / Storage Bage

  • Input


  • Power